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If you are a business professional, human resources specialist, life coach or therapist who wants the fulfillment AND flexibility of being a career coach -- perhaps even have a VIRTUAL career from your home or office -- the ICC Certificate is for you.


Holistic Career and Life Coach™ Certificate
Become an International Coach Federation Accredited Holistic Career and Life Coach™ in Just 3 Days!

The ICC is pleased to announce the ICC-accredited Holistic Career and Life Coach™ certification program. Designed for experienced Career and/or Life Coaches, the curriculum for this 3-day training includes such cutting-edge topics as Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to reduce clients' negative emotions concerning career transition and promote flourishing relationships, health, finances and spirituality. Marky Stein, CEO of ICC and Amy Frost, MA, MBA and Vice-President of ICC, will be presenting on EFT in Houston in June at the 2019 National Career Development Association Conference.