Career Coaching Accreditation

ICF Certified Accredited Career Coach


6-week self-paced online International Coach Federation Accredited Career Coach Certificate for HR professionals and others. $899 with an unprecedented money-back guarantee. See if this is a fit for you. Book a call:


Module 1: What is a Career Coach? (One online class and one optional Webinar)

Do you want to be a generalist or a specialist?

What are the 15 venues you can work in as a career coach?

How can you have a portfolio career as a coach?

What are the laws and ethics regarding career coaching?

Why do you want to become a career coach?

Module 2: Optimum Communication Techniques (One online class and required Webinar)

Establishing rapport through empathy, active listening, Emotional Intelligence and NLP.

Module 3: Common Career Assessments (One online class and required Webinar)

Administering and Interpreting the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Administering and Interpreting a Common Career Interest Inventory (Strong; RIASEC)

Using Career Skills and Values card sort decks

Facilitating your clients’ career choice, decision-making and goals

Module 4: Career Decision-Making (Readings and optional Webinar)

Readings from Marky Stein’s “Fearless Career Change” & “From Freshman to Fortune 500”

Transpersonal Career Coaching

“Right-Brained” Career Assessments

How to change careers in as little as 6 weeks for under $200 

Branding and Re-Branding

Guided Visualization for Career Decision-Making

Module 5: Resume and Cover Letter Writing (Readings from Marky’s book “Fearless Resumes”)

Sections of a Resume

How to write a compelling “Power Proposition”

How to use “Q-Statements” for Skills that Sizzle

Writing a T cover letter

Practicum in Resume Writing

Module 6: Interviewing and Salary Negotiation (Readings from Marky’s “Fearless Interviewing”

Teaching your client how to win the interview by communicating with confidence

Building a skills matrix 

How to Master the 1st 20 seconds of the interview

How to answer common and difficult questions

Sample Interviews

“Open Door Salary Negotiation” 

Interview Follow-up

Guided Visualization for Interview Success


WEBINAR: How to get hired and/or start and market your business

Individual 60 minute telephone consultation with your instructor

ICF Accredited Certified Holistic Career and Life Coach


Recommended for experienced coaches or therapists. 6 weeks of group and individual webinar/Skype sessions aimed at deep transformation for your and your clients. See if this is a fit for you. Book a call:

Overview:  Online Webinar-Delivered 6-12 week Accredited Holistic Career and Life Coach Certificate


Establishing Client Rapport with Active Listening, Empathy and NLP

APA Clinical Motivational Interviewing


Using Guided Visualization for Job Loss Trauma, Letting go of the Past and Launching the Future, Finding Your Ideal Career, Getting Hired at the Interview and Reaching Your Dream Goals

Managing the Emotional Side of Career Transition


Using Positive Psychology Career Coaching  and Emotional Intelligence

Mindfulness, CBT, Gratitude, Resilience, Emotional Self-Regulation


21 Brief Career Coaching Interventions from Marky’s book “The 10 Minute Career Coach”

“Right-Brained” Non-Traditional Coaching Techniques


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT “Tapping”) to Reduce Negative Emotions and Promote Positive Behaviors in Career Transition and Job Search

Activating Choice Technique™


Creating an Abundant Private Practice and Portfolio Career 

How to Write Your own Resume to Get Hired by an Organization

Bonus! How to Write a Book to Market Yourself as an Expert